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Every day we do our very best to deliver a great solution that’s easy to use and free of bugs. However, sometimes even we aren’t perfect. Yes, it’s hard to believe but even we, the legends, can miss things ;)

To solve this, we’ve built a world class support system; and we guarantee we will get in touch with you within 24 hours after your support request. If we don’t respond within the 24 hours, then the support request must have never been received by us. So please contact us again using this form, or by emailing directly to [email protected]. We apologize in advance if this should ever happen to you.

So, just describe the issue you would like us to help you with. We promise to do our best.

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  • A clear description of what the problem is (in case you want to report a bug)
  • The exact steps to take to reproduce the problem
  • A link to a screenshot or video of the problem, if possible; or
  • Attach a screenshot of the problem
  • Any other information that you think would be useful to help isolate and fix the problem

Most bugs appear on old web-browsers. Here at SurveyLegend we use frontline technologies to deliver the best user experience to you. Therefore, we always recommend our users upgrade their browsers to make sure they are, firstly, “safe & secure” on the net, and secondly, enjoying a high quality app by SurveyLegend.

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